Deer Hunter 5

Deer Hunter 5

This fifth instalment of Deer Hunter brings a lot of amazing new features

The Deer Hunter series has been one of the simulators series that more innovation has contributed to the world of video game, because until the first title of the series was released, there was no hunting simulator game available. I have to say that Deer Hunter was one of the best sellers games in the U.S.
I also remember that in the first game, the graphics with amazing lighting effects were absent and that we could not move freely across the stage as in the 3D arcade games, we had to pick a point on the map.
Well, through years and versions this title has been improved in all those aspects, now we have the ability to use 3D acceleration and can move across the stage at our whim and in a number of ways: running, crouching, and so on.

This fifth instalment of the game brings a lot of amazing new features.
Players will enjoy its incredibly realistic environments and precise animal movements within six amazing hunting locations which include Australia and Germany. Now you will find 5 different species such as Axis Deer and European Roe Deer. This last edition of the series also allows you to use the multi-player gaming mode.

María Noel Balla
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